Happened in Holy Land

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In the end of July horrifying news arrived:my young Palestinian friend Nabil from Beit Jala near Bethlehem was found dead at his home -- it was a death by hanging with his hands tied back to his back.

The reason for the death of Nabil will remain unknown. Some of you have heard Nabil tell his stories during our tour in Finland. Nabil always shared what it is for a muslim to become a Christian. And how hard it was for him to encounter Jewish people.

Nabil became a peace maker among Arabs and Jews. When I was with them I never thought that here is an Arad and there is a Jew as they were as one. With the unity they proclaimed that Jesus has changed them. Nabil also shared how difficult it is to live as a Christian in Palestinian territory under threats. In the other hand Nabil never hid his connections to Jews although he was very charismatic and popular among his friends.

Lately I was visiting Nabil's family and home. I was confirmed that Nabil held on to Jesus. It comforts me that other children keep proclaiming the unity in this world of war and hatred.

Ilkka Puhakka

Heinäkuun lopussa tuli järkyttävä tieto: nuori palestiinalainen ystäväni Nabil, Beit Jalasta, Betlehemin seudulta, oli löydetty hirtettynä kodistaan kädet selän taakse sidottuina ja jalat sidottuina. Normal 0 21 false false false FI ZH-CN X-NONE

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