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Evangelism is a joint process of the whole Church in which an evangelist plays an important role. It is crucial that the body of Christ to give their own share in the contribution of the congregation. It is important that Church members are trained to serve God’s kingdom with their own gifts and calling. Scope and form of the training is often determined by the needs and experience of the trainees.

Mission Europe training programs include Ilkka Puhakka’s teaching on the parables of Jesus; various parts of preparation processes of the events; personal evangelism and discipleship approaches. Also walking alongside with young generation can be seen as an essential part of Mission Europe’s on-going training.

Our partnership training and mentoring programs together with Agape Europe and Campus für Christus -Switzerland include local ChristDay processes and Global Church Movement development in Europe.

Time to time mentoring has developed into organizational coaching in which Mission Europe’s director Markku Happonen has mentored leaders around the world to initiate and develop ChristDays or other significant events.

Basically training as a concept includes several components. What is common for all of these is that training is seen as a fundamental function, which enhances and helps significantly the renewal and vitality of the body of Christ.


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