Outreach Missions

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A citywide Mission is always a joint effort of the body of Christ to bring the Gospel of Jesus to all people living within a geographical area. Mission Europe wants to ignite these sparks of revival.

Creating missions and other similar outreach events is always a manifold process, which considers local features and context. Collaboration begins by defining the objectives of to prepare the event together. During the preparation we search and plan best ways to approach people in the specific geographic area. The whole body of Christ will be challenged to work together towards the common goal according to a plan designed together.

Telling about Jesus is not only a responsibility of an evangelist but also a challenge for the whole congregation. The evangelist’s role is to communicate the gospel simply. Together with the evangelist the whole body of Christ is involved in sharing the good news and thus makes the event real. Objective is to bring the gospel of Jesus distinctly forth.

An essential part of this joint process is to take care of people who are interested in Jesus and help them root in the Word of God and in a church. Often creating cell groups helps rooting new people to congregation but nothing can substitute another Christian who is willing to walk alongside of a new believer. Whatever Love of the Holy Spirit comes up with it all begins with a prayer.


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